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,,,,because the best way to do this is sign up for a Christmuse card. PM me your address or confirm it's the same as last year ;)
This year's batch of Christmuse cards are printed and awaiting glitterification - if you had one last year and want another please confirm your address, or pm me me your address if you're a new victim joyful potential recipient x
I know it's the only post I ever make, but here it is for 2014.

This year's Christmuse cards are in production, all I need to know is who wants one. If you've not already bagged one, pm me your address or confirm last year's and you'll go on the list. Hopefully they will arrive before the 25th and shower you with the traditional blizzard of the glittery stuff.

Deadline will have to be the end of this week, get your message in soon!


It's that time again

Festive times are with us again, and this year's Christmuse card is waiting to be bestowed. Let me know if you want one, message me your address if you've not had one before (email or post, be warned that postal versions usually involve ridiculous amounts of glitter)


Christmuse Cards

Good evening!

This year's Christmuse Card is currently in production and heading for the "extreme glitter application" phase.If you had one last year, still want to be included and haven't changed address, rest easy. If you've not had the joy of a rather lame Musey joke and a lapful of sparkles and would like to try the experience, message me your address and I'll add you to the list. Can't guarantee it'll arrive by the 25th but the suspense will make it all the more fun :D
Ho ho ho and other festive cheers - it's December today and tomorrow begins production of this year's batch of Christmuse cards. A lorryload of glitter has already been delivered, hurray!

If you've moved since last year please let me know so I don't send yours to the wrong place, or if you fancy a card for the first time please let me know your address and I'll add you to the list. If you'd rather not have one by post I can email a hygenic, non glittery version so there's no excuse, get in!

Writer's Block: Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?

Just checking

...that everyone I promised a Christmuse card to actually got one.

Please let me know if yours hasn't arrived yet, and once I've finished cursing the world's postal services I shall send you the sparkle-free email version. And you never know, the real thing still might turn up....

Happy Birthday...

....to the super scrummy allwithwings (I expect it's the day after where you are, but hopefully the sparkly good wishes will still get to you)

Hope it is/was a fantabulous day of celebration and good cheer, here's to another year even better than any year you've had yet :)


Happy Birthday.....

to youuuuu, much exalted syntonicmemory!!!!  Hope it's been splendid and full of ridiculously riotous celebration. Not to mention squillions of pressies. Here's to another year of literary triumph, mmwwwwaa!